måndag 29 september 2014

Live longer as diabetic - carry insulin pump

New research show us figures for diabetics using insulin pen comparing to diabetics using insulin pump therapy.

The study says a type 1 diabetic lives longer if they use insulin pump. The results was presented at the EASD (Europian biggest diabetes-conference) in September in Vienna, Austria.

If you think about using insulin pump and feel worry about how to carry your pump and feel free. You can see more about how to carry your pump without thinking about it, always be handsfree and just also carry it in a discrete way in our webshop here. I am a diabetic carrying insulin pump and have developed underwear's to make it easy to live with insulin pump. The brand is AnnaPS.

Read about the study and get free member at MSD-network here:
to the study regarding living longer if carrying insulin pump

As pump user I love my pump, I feel free and it is easier to exercise and reduce eating because of low sugar.

Have a nice day/Anna
Briefs and tank top with integrated pockets

Underwears for diabetics with integrated pockets to carry all your diabetic asseccories

fredag 26 september 2014

We are now selling Flip-Belt - the popular belt from Canada

NEWS....now we are introducing the Flip Belt in Sweden. Sorry all of you living outside Sweden, we are not allowed to ship abroad. It is a great bag where you can carry all your things during exercise etc. It is very popular among runners.

As diabetic we carry a lot of things and sometimes we need a bag like this. This is functional and great design in both. And very very useful for all our diabetic things.

You buy the Flip belt here: flip belt in webshop at AnnaPS Scandinavia webshop. If you live outside Sweden please contact the producer of flip belt to hear were you can buy them in your country.

You are going to love them!

lördag 21 juni 2014

AnnaPS climbing uphill in Norway

Today I was climbing uphill cloose to Oslo.It was great exercise and it took about an hour. I started on 13,5 in bs and reduce the basal to 25%. During this hour I took approx 40 gram rousins and when I came up my bs was 7,3. I was happy and today my diabetes worked out in a good manner.

During the climbing I really love to carry the insulinpump, glucosemeter, sugar in the tanktop and sport bra with pockets from www.annaps.com. It was easy to take them out and measure and check during the walk. 

It is so great here in Norway and I am really looking forward to come here during the Winter. They have 1000 km perfect tracks here just north of Oslo. I promise, I will come back!

onsdag 28 maj 2014

50% UTFÖRSÄLJNING - CLEARANCE SALE Singlets without pockets - eco

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50% TOTAL UTFÖRSÄLJNING AV LINNEN UTAN FICKA. Passa på att köpa helt underbara linnen när vi nu säljer ut hela vårt sortiment av linnen utan ficka. Det är dubbelt tyg framtill så det sitter suveränt över bysten. Det är lätt klockat nertill vilket gör att det inte åker upp = underbart! Vackra spetsdetaljer som ger härlig karaktär. Vi vet att kunder i storlekar L och XL är extra glada då dessa linnen är ett av fåtal modeller som sitter bra i större storlekar. Grymt snygga och extremt hög kvalitet, dessutom eko. Nu endast 249 kr.


50% OFF- CLEARANCE SALE- SINGLETS WITHOUT POCKETS. Wonderful tops with double fabric in front and beautiful lace details. Highest quality and design, eco of course.