torsdag 20 november 2014


Thanks to you, all around the world, helping increase the awareness of diabetes during the world diabetic day (WDD). I was in Stockholm to celebrate the day together with other diabetics. I also follow the world in Social media during the day and night and found a lot of great pictures from lots of places.
Swedish diabetic bloggers Diabetesia and Diabetesmannen together with me AnnaPS
Now I am going to share with you, my WDD in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.

I visited Stockholm the day before and during the WDD. And that was great. The 13th of November it was an open diabetes event and I brought all AnnaPS garments to make it possible for visitors to try them on. It was popular and people really likes our tops and panties. I also demonstrate how to also carry hand units for both Omnipod and Frestyle Libre. Freestyle Libre (a FGM) is very hot in Sweden now, lots want it! You don´t have to stick your fingers!
All wants this! The new glucose meter Freestyle Libre- you don´t have to stick your fingers! Just scanning your bs.

It came almost 300 visitors and it use to be approx. 100. I am still dreaming on an extra big event in Stockholm during WDD so this was in the right way.

In Stockholm the Globe was shining blue all the day 14th of November, I like that.
The globe in Stockholm was shining Blue the WDD!
 In the evening lots of people came to the central of Stockholm (Sergels torg) and made a blue human ring. It was lot of people but I would love to see more and more. Lot of kids where there with their parents and to make them happy I worn a big Disney hat with blue lights. The kids like it.
In central of Stockholm we build a human blue ring.

 At this place also a "Blue Party" started and I meet up the great Swedish diabetic bloggers Diabetesmannen and Diabetesia who have planned the night. It was great to meat them in hot blue clothes. It was an open invitation to join and as always it is great to be among diabetics. Be there next time!
Diamyd is testing a vaccine that can stop diabetes!
On place we were invented to join a party in the company Diamyd locations and there I learned a lot about their incredibly exciting research finding a diabetes vaccine. To hear them telling me they probably have the vaccine that can stop diabetes is like coming to heaven. I will follow their studies and cross my fingers this is the right way.
During November I put effort to wear blue every day until WDD. It was fun and here you can see some of the blue days. I am already looking forward to next WDD and I am glad to meet you all during our "second birthday" as I heard a lot of diabetics saying during the WDD.

Meet you wherever you are!
To see more pictures from WDD please go to our Facebook 

Greatings from Anna (type 1 since year 1998)

This was my blue month.

onsdag 5 november 2014

Meet AnnaPS in the blue month

November is the blue month and AnnaPS put a lot of effort to give awareness of diabetes. We love all people laying a lot of their time to arrange meetings for us diabetics. My experience is that I learn so much how to manage my diabetes when I meet other diabetics. I got a lot of energy and feel relaxed in a lot of ways. AnnaPS has chosen to participate on some diabetic meetings in November, see below. Please meet me there!

8th of November, Uppsala 9-15.30

Meet AnnaPS in Uppsala on Saturday 8 November at Scandic Hotell Upplandia, Dragarbrunnsgatan 32, Uppsala. This meeting is arranged by Uppsala Läns Diabetesförening and AnnaPS is coming and bring all clothes in all models. You have chance to see and feel, test the sizes. Registration is mandatory and you sign up to Bengt Bremark phone: 073-9676446 or Birgitta Nyström 073-8048384. I hope I meet you there!

13th of November, Stockholm 18-20.30

Meet AnnaPS in Stockholm Thursday 13 of November in ABF-huset Sveavägen 41, time: 18-20.30 and all are welcome! AnnaPS brings all styles and sizes and feel very very welcome and come and test our garments. See more about the arrangement on

14th of November, Stockholm Sergels Torg 18.00

This is Manifestation of diabetes, come there and wear blue. We will be there and show our attention for awareness against diabetes. I will wear AnnaPS "make-it-easy-bag and I am looking forward to meet lot of diabetics there.

Me writing this is Anna Sjöberg, type 1 diabetics since 1998 and insulin pump since 2009.

måndag 3 november 2014

Free gift in the blue month

To get the bag, place an order at or buy it there
This mounth is the "blue-mounth" when lots of people around the world are putting extra effort to increase awareness of diabetes and the daily-life as diabetics.

AnnaPS has devloped an own blue-ring to support the fight against diabetes. Come and join us. The blue-ring is the symbol for the World diabetic day the 14th of November.

We offer a free blue-blue ring bag when ordering AnnaPS products in November. To fight diabetes!
Would you just like to get the bag? It is also available in our shop (please click here).

I have a dream, a cure for diabetes. We need to support diabetes research to find a cure or ways to make it easier to live with diabetes.

As always AnnaPS give 5 SEK (approx 0,5EUR) for each sold garment to Childhood Diabetes Fund in Sweden. And we also support Swedish Diabetes Association Fund (all profit to the fund when buying Lovisa Burfitt top for kids, please see our Lovisa Burfit tanktops here).

AnnaPS ambition is to make it easier to live with diabetes, to make it easier to carry all diabetic things as pump, pen, bs-meter, hand-units, suger etc. without extra bags. Just add them to your normal clothes and feel hands-free.

måndag 27 oktober 2014


Let us introduce Susann Gleisener. She is type1, living in Finland and makes a lot to make it easier to live with diabetes for all diabetics. Please read her own story below about herself. Susann has written a lovely book for kids about living with diabetes and be a kid. This book is so nice and we really love it. Today we start selling it at our webshop To the book (it is in Swedish).

Låt oss presentera Susann Gleisner, en diabetiker med typ 1 som bor i Finland och som gör mycket för  underlätta för andra diabetiker genom att dela med sig av sina erfarenheter och kunskaper. Susann har skrivit den helt underbara barnboken, hur då sjuk? Och som vi idag börjar sälja i vår webshop till boken.

Recension om boken och en presentation av Susann på svenska finns längst ner i blogginlägget.

Susann Gleisner the arter- buy the book in AnnaPS webshop

About the book:

Story. Martin is concerned and has difficulty to play as he constantly thinks of his friend Minnie who become 
ill. Mom says she has diabetes, and the questions are many for Martin. Is she in the hospital? Is she hurt? 
Will she be able to play again? Then dive buddy Robert up and they decide to go home to Minnie and 
check. Once there, they meet a happy and alert Minnie who is out playing with his rabbit Turbo, she made a 
obstacle to. The boys talk about their concerns if Minnie's disease, and she tells the boys how it 
is how she measures her blood sugar and how she takes her insulin. The boys are wide-eyed and impressed and think 
Minnie is brave. Oh, she says, "when are you going to meet my new friend Walter who has an insulin pump." How to give 
the gang off to Walter who is just about to build a hut for himself high up in a tree. He explains how it is that 
Living with an insulin pump and how he handles it. All this is told in a playful and inspiring way, fully 
of pranks and with a twinkle in his eye and a lot wiser you become what it is like for a child living with diabetes. In 
end of the book will be a general information about diabetes that punches holes in a lot of myths about the disease. 
Susann Gleisners How so sick? is the perfect book for kindergarten and schools to read and discuss and learn about 
what diabetes means. Cozy, cheerful and humorous watercolor drawings by Margaret Sandin enhances both 
the warmth and joy of the story.

Susann about Susann:

I am a determined young woman Susann "Sussu" Gleisner, born in 1987. I am an entrepreneur and running your own small business. I have many dreams and goals in life that I want to realize. I always have a thousand ideas in my head and I would particularly like to help others through my experiences and knowledge I have received in my life. I like to have many balls in the air. 
I am a mother, partner, entrepreneur, lecturer, author, writer, distributor, trainer in equestrian and racing riders. I live with two diseases around the clock that I have had since childhood, diabetes type 1 and celiac disease. It is within the two areas I work most and has many ideas I want to implement to improve the quality of life of others with illnesses. 

I'm living with Frederick as captain. We had the honor of January 2014 be happy and proud parents of a wonderful and much loved little girl, Vanessa. I love mom life and getting to spend the bulk of my time with her. 
We live in Socklot, a small village in Ostrobothnia, Finland. 
Right now, for the moment, we are building from scratch our very own dream farm. 

I am a person who has never seen my illness as an obstacle in my life, quite the opposite. Please follow me on my website which will be launched in October: 

Why I wrote the book? 
I got an idea - an idea that became real. 
A children's book about diabetes. 
I saw the need, I wrote a script and the 11/11/2013 came out, my book: 
"How so sick?" 
The first edition sold out quickly, now is the second edition out there. 

Info text of the book. 
When you are ill should probably be in bed, right? 
Martin's friend Minnie has diabetes, but she does not look sick at all, quite the contrary. Just to manage their disease, says Minnie, can live as normal as any other child. 
Susann Gleisner got yourself type 1 diabetes when she was a child. With the story of Minnie, she wants to show that life is by no means run out after a diabetes diagnosis. 

Published by publisher Scriptum:

The idea behind the book: 
⁃ When you fall ill as a child and is in the hospital, then you get loads of hospital information. Then I want to be able to read my book and see that it's not just dark and tough. One can live a normal life despite their illness. Both the child and the parents need to see it back then, so maybe, just maybe it will go a little easier. 
⁃ Kindergartens, schools should be able to read the book. Many children today have diabetes and do not have a child in the group, I want the children to have some knowledge of what diabetes is. 
⁃ Parents, siblings and grandparents can easily by reading the book have told of their illness. 
⁃ A diabetsbarn can tell by the book to their friends what their illness. 
⁃ Diabetes child can get a better view of their illness. 
⁃ disseminate the disease. 
I also go around and hold story time with my book for children. 
Tex to libraries, schools, churches and various events. 
I read to the children from the book, then we will discuss about the book, and diabetes. 
I also have my own diabetes material I show the children. 
These storytelling has been a great success.
This is the book

Recension av boken:

Berättelse. Martin är bekymrad och har svårt för att leka då han hela tiden tänker på sin kompis Mimmi som blivit
sjuk. Mamma säger att hon fått diabetes och frågorna är många för Martin. Ligger hon på sjukhus? Har hon ont?
Kommer hon att kunna leka igen? Då dyker kompisen Robert upp och de beslutar att åka hem till Mimmi och
kolla. Väl där möter de en glad och pigg Mimmi som är ute och leker med sin kanin Turbo, som hon gjort en
hinderbana till. Pojkarna berättar om sina undringar om Mimmis sjukdom och hon berättar för pojkarna hur det
är, hur hon mäter sitt blodsocker och hur hon tar sitt insulin. Pojkarna är storögda och imponerade och tycker att
Mimmi är modig. Äsch, tycker hon, "då ska ni träffa min nya kompis Walter som har en insulinpump". Så ger sig
gänget i väg till Walter som just håller på att bygga en koja åt sig högt uppe i ett träd. Han berättar hur det är att
leva med en insulinpump och hur han hanterar det. Allt det här berättas på ett lekfullt och inspirerande sätt, fullt
av upptåg och med glimten i ögat och mycket klokare blir man över hur det är för ett barn att leva med diabetes. I
slutet av boken kommer en allmän information om diabetes som slår hål på en hel del myter om sjukdomen.
Susann Gleisners Hur då sjuk? är en perfekt bok för dagis och skolor att läsa och samtala kring och lära sig om
vad diabetes innebär. Mysiga, glada och humoristiska akvarellteckningar av Margareta Sandin förhöjer både
värmen och glädjen i berättelsen.

Susann presenterar sig:

Jag är en målmedveten ung kvinna Susann ”Sussu” Gleisner, född 1987. Jag är en entreprenör och driver ett eget litet företag. Jag har har många drömmar och mål i livet som jag vill förverkliga. Jag har alltid tusen ideér i mitt huvud och jag vill framför allt hjälpa andra genom mina erfarenheter och kunskaper jag har fått i mitt liv. Jag gillar att ha många bollar i luften. 
Jag är mamma, sambo, företagare, föreläsare, författare, skribent, återförsäljare, tränare inom ridsport och tävlingsryttare. Jag lever med två sjukdomar dygnet runt som jag har haft sedan barnsben, DIABETES typ1 och CELIAKI. Det är inom de två områden jag jobbar mest och har många ideér jag vill förverkliga för att förbättra andras livskvalitét med sjukdomarna. 

Jag är sambo med Fredrik som är sjökapten. Vi fick äran att i januari 2014 bli lyckliga och stolta föräldrar till en helt underbar och högt älskad liten tjej, Vanessa. Jag älskar mammalivet och att få spendera den största delen av min tid med henne. 
Vi bor i Socklot, en liten by i Österbotten, Finland. 
Just nu för tillfället håller vi på att bygga upp från noll vår alldeles egna drömgård. 

Jag är en person som aldrig har sett mina sjukdomar som ett hinder i mitt liv, tvärtom. Följ mig gärna på min hemsida som lanseras i oktober:

Varför jag skrev boken?
Jag fick en idé – en idé som blev verklig. 
En barnbok om diabetes. 
Jag såg behovet, jag skrev ett manus och den 11.11.2013 kom den ut, min bok: 
”Hur då sjuk?”
Den första upplagan sålde slut snabbt, nu finns den andra upplagan ute.

Infotext om boken. 
När man är sjuk ska man väl ligga till sängs, eller?
Martins kompis Mimmi har diabetes, men hon ser inte alls sjuk ut, tvärtom. Bara man sköter sin sjukdom, säger Mimmi, kan man leva som vanligt som alla andra barn.
Susann Gleisner fick själv diabetes typ 1 när hon var barn. Med berättelsen om Mimmi vill hon visa att livet ingalunda tar slut efter en diabetesdiagnos. 

Utgiven via förlaget Scriptum:

Iden bakom boken: 
När man insjuknar som barn och ligger på sjukhus, då får man massvis med sjukhusinformation. Då vill jag att man ska kunna läsa min bok och se att det är inte bara mörkt och jobbigt. Man kan leva ett normalt liv trots sin sjukdom. Både barnet och föräldrarna behöver se det redan då, så kanske, kanske det går lite lättare.
Daghem, skolor ska kunna läsa boken. Många barn idag har diabetes, och har inte ett barn i gruppen så vill jag att barnen ska ha lite kunskap om vad diabetes är. 
Föräldrar, syskon, mor- och farföräldrar kan på ett enkelt sätt genom att läsa boken få berättat om deras sjukdom. 
Ett diabetsbarn kan genom boken berätta åt sina vänner vad de har för sjukdom.
Diabetesbarnet kan få en bättre syn på sin sjukdom.
Sprida kunskap om sjukdomen. 

Jag åker även runtom och håller sagostunder med min bok för barn.  
Tex till bibliotek, skolor, församlingar och olika evenemang.
Jag läser för barnen ur boken, sen så diskuterar vi kring boken och diabetes. 
Jag har även med mitt egna diabetesmaterial som jag visar åt barnen. 
Dessa sagostunder har blivit en stor succé.