måndag 15 december 2014

NEW PRODUCT ! Sport bra with pockets for diabetics

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Äntligen är denna efterfrågade produkt här! En sport-bh med 3 bra fickor för att bära insulinpump. Sydd i kompressionsmaterial för träning och med möjlighet att ha slang på insida eller utsida av plagget. 

Vill du bära din mobil enkelt vid träning? Jag kan avslöja att jag testat detta under testperioden. Det är super!

Det är många som frågat efter AnnaPS sport-bh då vi visat den under testperioden, så skynda er att köpa! Det finns inte så många i lager till start. Jag vill också berätta att de är något stora i storlekarna. Om du vill att din sport-bh skall sitta åt rejält så rekommenderar jag en mindre storlek än du normalt brukar välja.

Se hur jag använder sport-bh under testperioden på vår youtube-film. Jag kan berätta att jag älskar den själv. Instruction video on Youtube

P.S. Sista dag för leverans innan jul är fredag 19/12 D.S.

At last this long-awaited product is here! A sports bra with 3 pockets to wear your insulin pump. Made from compression material for training and the opportunity to have the tube on the inside or outside of the garment.
Do you want to carry your mobile easily during exercise? I can reveal that I tested this during the test period. It is superb!
Many of you have asked for AnnaPS sports bra as we showed it during the test period, so hurry up to buy! There are not so many in stock at the start. I also would like to tell you that they are somewhat large in size. If you like your sports bra to sit sharply tightened,  I recommend a size smaller than you normally choose.

Please see how I use the sports bra during the test period at our youtube video. I can tell you that I love it myself. Instruction video on Youtube
P.S. The last day for delivery before Christmas is Friday December 19th D.S.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all!


fredag 28 november 2014


It is Christmas just once a year and I would like to celebrate togehter with all you wonderful people out there. Our way to do this is to offer you a lot of opportunities to buy gifts at really nice prices. I hope all of you can find something that suits you well. Don´t wait to long, the offers are available as long the products are in stock, and latest to the 18th of December.

Besides this offers we have lot of other nice products perfect as gifts. Don´t miss the oppertunity to put something in the shop on your wish list.

I wish you all a very nice December and a Merry Christmas.

Greetings from  Anna /AnnaPS

PS. all offers are products with pockets. All products without pockets are outbounded and still some sizes is left in stock to very reduced prices. Please see them in our webshop DS.

Below is the links to the Christmas offers in webshop.

Welcome to www.annaps.com and see all great products for people who would like to make it easy to carry. Especially design for diabetics.

Go to the offer: Kids briefs unisex with pocket to carry insulin pump 

Go to the offers here: Underpants for men and Briefs for Women

Go to the beautiful Singlet offer here

torsdag 20 november 2014


Thanks to you, all around the world, helping increase the awareness of diabetes during the world diabetic day (WDD). I was in Stockholm to celebrate the day together with other diabetics. I also follow the world in Social media during the day and night and found a lot of great pictures from lots of places.
Swedish diabetic bloggers Diabetesia and Diabetesmannen together with me AnnaPS
Now I am going to share with you, my WDD in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.

I visited Stockholm the day before and during the WDD. And that was great. The 13th of November it was an open diabetes event and I brought all AnnaPS garments to make it possible for visitors to try them on. It was popular and people really likes our tops and panties. I also demonstrate how to also carry hand units for both Omnipod and Frestyle Libre. Freestyle Libre (a FGM) is very hot in Sweden now, lots want it! You don´t have to stick your fingers!
All wants this! The new glucose meter Freestyle Libre- you don´t have to stick your fingers! Just scanning your bs.

It came almost 300 visitors and it use to be approx. 100. I am still dreaming on an extra big event in Stockholm during WDD so this was in the right way.

In Stockholm the Globe was shining blue all the day 14th of November, I like that.
The globe in Stockholm was shining Blue the WDD!
 In the evening lots of people came to the central of Stockholm (Sergels torg) and made a blue human ring. It was lot of people but I would love to see more and more. Lot of kids where there with their parents and to make them happy I worn a big Disney hat with blue lights. The kids like it.
In central of Stockholm we build a human blue ring.

 At this place also a "Blue Party" started and I meet up the great Swedish diabetic bloggers Diabetesmannen and Diabetesia who have planned the night. It was great to meat them in hot blue clothes. It was an open invitation to join and as always it is great to be among diabetics. Be there next time!
Diamyd is testing a vaccine that can stop diabetes!
On place we were invented to join a party in the company Diamyd locations and there I learned a lot about their incredibly exciting research finding a diabetes vaccine. To hear them telling me they probably have the vaccine that can stop diabetes is like coming to heaven. I will follow their studies and cross my fingers this is the right way.
During November I put effort to wear blue every day until WDD. It was fun and here you can see some of the blue days. I am already looking forward to next WDD and I am glad to meet you all during our "second birthday" as I heard a lot of diabetics saying during the WDD.

Meet you wherever you are!
To see more pictures from WDD please go to our Facebook 

Greatings from Anna (type 1 since year 1998)

This was my blue month.